These advisors are part of the program. They’ll be happy to meet with you (in person or via Skype) as long as they are able and you agree to the terms - an hour of service and a blog post. Once you do those things, feel free to reach out to an advisor and reference your blog post and they’ll be excited to meet with you!

:::::::::: Startup / Technology ::::::::::

Colin Ake, Principal, VentureLab at Georgia Tech - ask to meet Colin (ATL)

Jon Birdsong, CEO of Rivalry - ask to meet with Jon (ATL)

Johnson Cook, CEO of Voxa - ask to meet with Johnson (ATL)

Raj Choudhury, EVP, Operations at Moxie - ask to meet with Raj (ATL)

Mark Feinberg, CEO of Uruut - ask to meet with Mark (ATL)

Allen Graber, Entrepreneur & Investor - ask to meet with Allen (ATL)

Jeff Hilimire, CEO of Dragon Army - ask to meet with Jeff (ATL)

Craig Hyde, CEO of Rigor - ask to meet with Craig (ATL)

Raghu Kakarala, formerly Spunlogic, Engauge; current free agent - ask to meet with Raghu (ATL)

Wayt King, Partner at Fisher Broyles - ask to meet with Wayt (ATL)

Keith McGreggor, Director, VentureLab at Georgia Tech - ask to meet with Keith (ATL)

Allen Nance, CEO of WhatCounts - ask to meet with Allen (ATL)

Sanjay Parekh, Founder of Startup Riot - ask to meet with Sanjay (ATL)

Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft - ask to meet with Kyle (ATL)

Eric Spett, CEO of Terminus - ask to meet with Eric (ATL)

Michael Tavani, Founder of @beltline and Scoutmob - ask to meet with Tavani (ATL)

Ed Trimble, Entrepreneur and Mentor - ask to meet with Ed (ATL)

Lance Weatherby, formerly ATDC, CipherTrust, Half Off Depot & Mindspring; current free agent advisor - ask to meet with Lance (ATL)

Adam Wexler, Founder of Insightpool - ask to meet with Adam (ATL)

Devon Wijesinghe, CEO of Insightpool - ask to meet with Devon (ATL)

:::::::::: Marketing / Digital / Advertising ::::::::::

Vlad Gorenshteyn, Digital Lead @ CNN Newsource Brands - ask to meet Vlad (ATL)

Adam Harrell, President of Nebo - ask to meet with Adam (ATL)

Simms Jenkins, CEO of BrightWave - ask to meet with Simms (ATL)

Joe Koufman, Founder of AgencySparks - ask to meet with Joe (ATL)

Michael McCathren, marketing at Chick-fil-A - ask to meet with Michael (ATL)

Mark O’Brien, accomplished exec in sports, consumer package goods, food and retail - ask to meet with Mark (ATL)

Kashi Sehgal, CEO of Gigabark & Executive Director of SouthWiRED - ask to meet with Kashi (ATL)

Kelly Termin, Strategist, Wells Fargo - ask to meet with Kelly (SF)

Moira Vetter, CEO of Modo Modo Agency - ask to meet with Moira (ATL)

:::::::::: Strategy / Innovation ::::::::::

Karyn Lu, Director, Product Strategy & Partnerships @ HLN - ask to meet with Karyn (ATL)

Michele Molden,Chief Strategy Office of Piedmont Healthcare - ask to meet with Michele (ATL)