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The concept is simple: You donate your time to a nonprofit or other charitable cause, blog about your experience on this site, and in exchange you get to meet with an advisor of your choice!

History of the idea

The genesis of this idea came to me (Jeff Hilimire) when I realized that I was spending a great deal of time giving advice to entrepreneurs, marketers, etc., and while I enjoy that very much, I wanted to start spending more time helping my community and nonprofits. So I found myself having to cut down on this “advice giving” time, which I did not want to do!

Then it hit me. Why not exchange the time I was spending giving advice for time spent helping others? So I started asking people that I was meeting with to donate a portion of their time to helping a charity or nonprofit. My intention in asking this of people is to start a trend of exposing people to new ways they can help the world. Tiny ripples of hope, if you will.

~ Jeff Hilimire, founder

Where Advice for Good is going

Advice for Good was founded in 2013 and ran for several years as a true "beta". Currently, our team is working hard to build out a platform to unlock the true potential of the Advice for Good concept.

Keep checking back, or sign up for our newsletter, to find out when we're ready to launch. We expect the full platform to be live in Fall of 2019.

The world needs mentors...

Every successful individual - in business or in life - has had people help them along the way. Advice for Good is a platform designed to help people achieve their dreams through individualized mentorship opportunities.

...and more people doing good.

it is our belief that there needs to exist more platforms that unlock a person's ability to do more good in the world. Just as important to Advice for Good as providing inspiring mentorship opportunities is the ability to increase the amount of people helping make the world a better place.

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